Innovating Kingdom Expansion


Each month our members & partners sow their financial seed into this ministry creating a Covenant Connection. As you sow into Purpose International you can be assured that your money will be handled with integrity. We pray over your harvest, then use the funds to share the Word of God through every available voice. Then, 20% of every gift received is sown into other powerful, effective ministries…meaning your gifts go further and reach more people than ever.


Purpose International is a global network and fellowship of pastors and five-fold ministry leaders with a relevant model of leadership in the Kingdom of God under the oversight of Bishop Paul Crites. This multigenerational and multicultural network was birthed in 2003 with the understanding, “that all ministry flows out of relationship.” 


Are you ready to connect to a ministry network that breaks the lid of limitations?
Are you ready to dream again?
There are many benefits to being a part of Purpose International where relationship, accountability, and integrity are foundational to your personal growth and ministry.